DRK132A Electric سنتریفیوج

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DRK132A Electric Centrifuge is mainly used to rapidly dewater pulp. Also used to determine the concentration of pulp, and measure dry pulp slurry sampling. Designed for laboratory testing. Product features This instrument is scientifically designed. To ensure lots of excellent functions, such as: safe and reliable to use; easy to operate; quick start and fast stop; avoiding pollute material; new panel design

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DRK132A Electric سنتریفیوجده په عمده توګه کارول کيږي چې په چټکۍ سره د کاغذ د dewater. هم کارول د خميره د غلظت تر څو معلومه، وچ او د کاغذ د slurry نمونه اندازه کړي. لپاره لابراتوري آزمېښتونو ته جوړ شوی دی.

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