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  • Features of Dry Microbial Penetration Tester
    Post time: 12-01-2022

    The dry-state microbial penetration tester is composed of an air source generating system, a detection body, a protection system, a control system, etc., and is used to test the dry-state microbial Penetration test method. Compliant with EN ISO 22612-2005: Protective clothing against infectious a...Read more »

  • DRK005 Touch Color Screen Disposable Syringe Sliding Performance Tester
    Post time: 11-04-2022

    DRK005 touch color screen disposable syringe sliding performance tester (hereinafter referred to as the tester) adopts the latest ARM embedded system, 800X480 large LCD touch control color display, amplifier, A/D converter and other devices all adopt the latest technology, with high performance....Read more »

  • Post time: 09-26-2022

    DRK101 high speed tensile testing machine for mechanical and electrical integration products, using modern mechanical design concept and ergonomic design criteria, the use of advanced double CPU microcomputer processing technology for careful and reasonable design, is a novel design, easy to use,...Read more »

  • Characteristics and uses of packaging drop testing machine
    Post time: 09-21-2022

    With the rapid development of logistics industry, cartons and packages are inevitably subject to collision in the process of transportation; How to test the carton, package can withstand how much impact? Recommended for everybody below a Derek instruments co production drop test machine, the drop...Read more »

  • Principle and characteristics of fabric tactile tester
    Post time: 09-14-2022

    Through the simulation of hand-touched fabric movements such as pulling, pressing, pinching, kneading and rubbing, the fabric’s thickness, bending, compression, friction and tensile properties are tested, and the five quantitative indicators of thickness, softness, stiffness, smoothness and...Read more »

  • Features of Film Tensile Tester
    Post time: 09-06-2022

    The film tension machine is widely used in the stretching, compression, bending and shearing of metal and non-metallic materials such as rubber, plastic, leather, wire and cable, fabric, fiber, paper, film, cord, canvas, non-woven fabric, steel wire and so on. Tear, peel, adhesion and other tests...Read more »

  • The difference between dry resistance state and moisture resistance state microbial tester
    Post time: 08-31-2022

    Dry state/wet state microbial penetration tester test difference Dry state microbial penetration resistance tester/dry state bacteria resistance tester is used to determine the resistance of materials to bacterial penetration on dry particles within the size range of human dander , when the test ...Read more »

  • The specific operation method of the drop test machine
    Post time: 08-30-2022

    The double-arm drop test machine, also known as the double-wing drop test bench and the box drop test machine, is mainly used for the reliability test of packaged products. In the process of handling, the impact resistance strength and the rationality of the packaging design can be used to drop t...Read more »

  • Classification and working principle of horizontal tensile tester
    Post time: 08-26-2022

    The horizontal tensile testing machine adopts the horizontal structure of the main machine, which is suitable for testing the tensile properties of paper, plastic film, composite film, plastic flexible packaging materials and other products; it can also achieve 180-degree peeling, heat sealing st...Read more »

  • Operation method of mask synthetic blood penetration tester
    Post time: 08-23-2022

    Drick Instruments Co., Ltd. implements GB 19083-2010 Technical Requirements for Medical Protective Masks, 5.5 Synthetic Blood Penetration Barrier Performance YY/T 0691-2008 Infectious Pathogen Protective Equipment Medical Masks Anti-Synthetic Blood Penetration Test Method (fixed volume, horizonta...Read more »

  • Post time: 08-17-2022

    The drop tester is a new type of instrument developed according to the standard GB4857.5 “Vertical Impact Drop Test Method for Basic Test of Transport Packages”. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, cartons and packages are often collided during transportation; the dr...Read more »

  • Drick DRK117 dust meter
    Post time: 08-01-2022

    The equipment is developed according to GB/T1541 Using aluminum alloy profiles as lamp brackets Choose fluorescent lamps with hoods nice appearance The device is suitable for the determination of dustiness of paper or cardboard. In the QS certification of paper packaging, it is suitable for: foo...Read more »

  • July Bestsellers: Vertical Fluter
    Post time: 07-29-2022

    Vertical Fluter (also known as corrugated base paper corrugator) is corrugated base paper after corrugated base paper (called corrugated paper); flute instrument is prepared when corrugated core paper is tested for corrugated core flat pressing (CMT) and corrugated vertical pressing (CCT) Samples...Read more »

  • Paper tube compression test of paper tube compression testing machine
    Post time: 07-28-2022

    The paper tube compression test steps of the paper tube compression testing machine are as follows:   1. Sampling First take the sample (the height cannot exceed the maximum distance between the upper and lower platens) 2. Modify parameters (1) When entering the paper tube compression testing mac...Read more »

  • Drick Cobb Absorptometer
    Post time: 07-27-2022

    It is a common laboratory testing instrument researched and developed by our company according to national standards. It is an ideal auxiliary test instrument for industries and departments such as papermaking, packaging, scientific research and quality supervision and inspection. The sampler has...Read more »

  • Simulated transport shaker
    Post time: 07-21-2022

    The simulation transportation vibration table is used to simulate the environment of electrical, electronic, auto parts and other products and goods involved in transportation during transportation, and to test the vibration resistance of their products. Realize all the functions required for vib...Read more »

  • 【Best sale in July】Respirator mechanical strength pretreatment machine
    Post time: 07-18-2022

    The respirator mechanical strength pretreatment machine is designed and produced according to relevant standards, and is mainly used for the vibration mechanical strength pretreatment of replaceable filter elements.   Applicable standard:   GB2626, EN149, etc.   Product parameters:   1. Working p...Read more »

  • Drick Cardboard Stiffness Tester
    Post time: 07-15-2022

    DRK106 Cardboard Stiffness Tester adopts high-tech digital motor and compact and practical transmission structure. The measurement and control system adopts digital electric motor with single-chip microcomputer as the central processing unit, and is equipped with corresponding application softwar...Read more »

  • Features of carton stacking strength tester
    Post time: 07-08-2022

    The carton stacking strength testing machine is the basic instrument for testing the compressive strength performance of corrugated boxes (ie, packaging testing equipment). It is suitable for pressure resistance, deformation and stacking test of corrugated boxes, honeycomb board boxes and other p...Read more »

  • Common faults and solutions of carton compression tester
    Post time: 06-29-2022

    The carton compression tester is a professional testing machine for testing the compression performance of cartons. It is suitable for compression testing of corrugated boxes, honeycomb boxes and other packaging boxes. And it is suitable for the compression test of plastic barrels (edible oil, mi...Read more »

  • Replacement of Silicone Oil for Burst Tester
    Post time: 06-24-2022

      The replacement of the silicone oil of the burst tester needs to be replaced if necessary according to the frequent use of the instrument and the pollution of the silicone oil. The silicone oil is 201-50LS methyl silicone oil. 1. Remove the film according to the method in the film replacement ...Read more »

  • Paper Burst Tester Film Replacement
    Post time: 06-22-2022

    Many people have encountered these problems after using the Drick Paper Burst Tester for a period of time. It’s not a problem, it’s a normal phenomenon. The rubber membrane is a consumable material. It is made of rubber. It will age after long-term use and needs to be replaced. Its l...Read more »

  • Post time: 06-16-2022

      The touch color screen lipstick breaking force tester (hereinafter referred to as the measurement and control instrument) adopts the latest ARM embedded system, 800X480 large LCD touch control color display, amplifiers, A/D converters and other devices all adopt the latest technology, with hig...Read more »

  • Post time: 05-31-2022

    The DRK655 water-proof incubator is a high-precision constant temperature device, which can be used for plant tissue, germination, seedling cultivation, microbial cultivation, insect and small animal breeding, BOD measurement for water quality testing, and other purposes. Constant temperature te...Read more »

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